3D interior visualizations

The interior visualization is the development of a three-dimensional model of a studio or apartment, where volume images are used. In such a project, the placement of the furniture in the apartment is indicated. This format allows you to consider any perspective of the future living space. The interior visualization creates a sensed-presence effect for the viewer. It’s all because of the function of turning around its axis by 360 degrees. Therefore, every detail can be viewed from different directions. When a large building is designed, visualizers can add room-to-room transitions.


Examples visualization of interior

3D interior visualization is based on 3D max software, as well as vray and corona render. Project implementation includes 3 variants:

  1. Special design of the premises for the most correct management of the area;
  2. Following a ready-to-use template;
  3. Based on the client’s wishes.


Our company provides modeling services for home, office, cafe, restaurant, as well as any separate room, e.g. a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. In addition, the staff of our studio are working on different styles, but it should be considered that interior visualization in the Gothic or Classic style will cost more than the minimalist style of the room. It makes it possible to see how the final result should look like even before the renovation of the premises.

As a result, the controlling of the repairing works becomes much easier. When it comes to business, such interior visualization will allow the future investors to see how the final product looks like, and as a result, their decision will decide in your favor. Below you can see our ready-to-use design solutions.

Patrons or public utilities may need exterior visualization when they are developing parks, alleys, building new schools or renovating old ones, building different residential complexes.


The staff of our studio are talented designers and visualizers who have a long-term operational experience with various interior visualization projects. We work in any style, using challenging creative ideas, interesting combinations of textures and colors. Therefore, the visualization in our design studio will be an great solution for the interior fit-out with a guarantee of the quality.. The following advantages of our studio can be emphasized:

  1. High resolution of the object;
  2. Short terms;
  3. Qualitative elaboration of illustrations;
  4. Affordable price.

Each scheme captures the texture, fabric and wallpaper patterns, both candlelight and natural lightening. As a result, we can see a photo with almost a real interior.


The premises visualization depends on the information provided by the customer. First of all, you will need the following materials for work:

  1. Several illustrations to understand the client's preferences before doing the job;
  2. Drawing layout of the object;
  3. Examples of the desired color and decor;
  4. Lay-out of furniture and finishing materials;
  5. Recommendations for lighting lay-out.

The cost of interior visualization can be calculated only after presenting all the necessary documents.

Even if you do not provide enough materials for the development of visualizations, our team will still be ready to perform the task based on your wishes and recommendations. The interiors visualization will help to present the future object at the development stage to your partners and potential clients.


The price is discussed with each client individually. The price also depends on several factors:

  1. Competition dates and urgency;
  2. Difficulty of modeling;
  3. Various options of lightning types;
  4. The quantity and quality of the source data;
  5. Elaboration and the number of desired perspectives of finished images;

You can order the interior visualization after receiving a preliminary consultation by phone number on the website or in a chat with our manager. The final cost of the interior visualization service is estimated for 1 sq. m. of a premise

As a result, the interior visualization  is quite affordable and it makes subsequent repair works and control over them so much easier. Contractors can easily rely on the documentation prepared by our specialists. Thus, you will get rid of unnecessary worries about the coincidence of the idea and the result.

For the professional execution of visualizations, the customer has to prepare a technical assignment. The quality of a work depends on how detailed a task is.

Object type | Images | Cost

3d interior visualization (2-4) – $10 for 1 sq.m., but not less than $100 per premise. Modeling of individual furniture (except in kitchens and cabinet furniture) for 1 model – 20-50 USD.


CONTACT US: You can contact us by phone, Skype, email or leave an application on the website. 

MAKING A TASK, DISCUSSING DETAILS: At this stage, we define the tasks, explore your material, estimate the amount of work and make an offer for price and deadlines.

SHOWING A DRAFT OUTLINE: At this stage, we provide you with draft outlines and rough renders to adjust the style, composition and approving the main components.

CONTENDING THE DETAILS: At this stage, we send you a small picture to approve missing details and correct deficiencies. We make 2-3 options if we have the agreement.

WE MAKE HIGH-RESOLUTION PICTURES: We provide you with high-resolution pictures with post-processing in Photoshop.

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