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Virtual Staging is a revolutionary approach to interior design that transcends the limits of traditional methods. Through the power of 3D technology, it changes empty spaces into fully-furnished environments. It’s like virtually filling the room with all desired furniture, decor, and people, generating a photorealistic render for potential buyers to view the design online. It empowers to make decisions, ensuring that every element of space aligns perfectly with your vision.

Virtual Staging by Freedes Studio is not just about aesthetics; it’s a cost-effective solution. Avoid unnecessary expenses on real furniture and decor by experimenting virtually before making any commitments.

About virtual staging services by Freedes Studio

Tired of trying to imagine how your empty home could look fully furnished? Struggling to visualize the perfect layout and style for each room? Our innovative services allow you to see your property brought to life before making any permanent changes.

At Freedes Studio we use cutting-edge 3D rendering technology, that helps us digitally stage your home with realistic furniture, décor, and design elements tailored to your tastes. Our team of experienced designers will work with you to understand your vision, then use their expertise to create stunning 3D walkthroughs showcasing the full potential of your space.

Virtual staging offers many advantages over traditional ones:

– Preview different furniture arrangements and styles easily.

– Stage your entire home, not just sample rooms.

– Access renderings anytime to make changes, and edits as needed.

– Avoid moving and storing bulky furniture and accessories. Virtual staging is fast, flexible, and cost-effective.

– Enhance marketing visuals for quicker home sales. Virtual tours showcase your property in its best light.

Bring out the full beauty and functionality in your home with Freedes Studio’s 3d rendering services. Create your dream spaces with us!


Our clients

Who do we serve with virtual staging services

At Freedes Studio, our services cater to a diverse range of clients seeking to transform empty spaces into visually compelling and marketable environments. Real estate professionals, property developers, interior designers, and homeowners all leverage our rendering services expertise to present their marketing creative concepts, providing clients with a vivid preview of the transformed spaces. Freedes Studio is committed to serving a broad spectrum of industries, using virtual staging as a powerful tool.

  • Home sellers – Studies show that
    virtually staged homes can sell up to 50 days faster, and show the full potential to buyers. Crafted digital
    furniture and decor can draw attention to details, viewpoints, and layouts that go unnoticed in an empty home.
    Staging makes it easier for buyers to envision themselves living in the home.
  • Real estate agents – Provide clients with
    3D staged renderings to market and sell properties faster. Agents can showcase digitally crafted spaces to
    motivate sellers to sign contracts with them. Also, it helps to be more visible online presenting the furnished
    property. Usage of virtual staging services allows agents to start marketing right away, even if the house is
    still occupied. With virtual tours and 3D walkthroughs, agents can promote properties to remote buyers who can’t
    visit in person.
  • Builders and developers – Virtual staging
    allows builders to showcase the design aesthetic and layouts for promoting new builds by showing a finished look.
    Carefully placed furniture and accents can highlight details like finishes, fixtures, and community amenities.
    Multiple variations make it easy to highlight different furniture styles, color schemes, and features to appeal to
    diverse buyers.
  • Architects and interior designers – Virtual
    staging allows architects and designers to bring their conceptual designs to life visually and share
    representation with clients. Well-staged 3D renderings showcase how furniture arrangements complement the intended
    spatial layouts and 3d floorplans. Designers can create
    multiple staging options to determine what furnishings and styles best serve the client’s functional needs.
    High-quality 3D staged renderings take presentations to the next level. An invaluable tool for design

OUR virtual staging WORKFLOW

The first step - introduction to the project

At this stage, we receive from you and after explore as complete information as possible about the project (drawings, floor plans, 3d model, information about furniture, materials and colors, references, angles, image format, and resolution and etc.). This helps us better understand your request and achieve the best results faster.

The second step – clay renders

In the next stage, we prepare for you several variants of clay renders to choose the angle and approve the geometry of the space. At the same time, we can clarify with you some details about the project, such as furniture, materials, colors, geometry, and more.

The third step – the first color preview

After you choose the angle and agree on the geometry, we proceed to make the clay render in color. We send you the first color render and looking forward to your feedback on all the details of the render, such as furniture, materials, colors, atmosphere, and other details. Please describe your impressions and wishes as best you can, this will help us to improve the images according to your preferences.

The fourth step – the second color preview

At this stage, we makeу changes to the render based on your comments from the previous point and some quality improvements from our side. We send the updated render for your consideration. Please check all the details and give us feedback with comments if you want to change anything. Be careful, and check whether everything matches your wishes, as these are the final comments from you.

The fifth step – the final image

We adjust the images according to your last comments and send you the final high-resolution images.

Types of virtual staging services we perform

– Vacant Home Staging – We specialize in staging empty homes to look warm, inviting, and move-in ready with digital furniture, accessories, and décor.

– Occupied Home Editing – For occupied homes with some clutter or furnishings that distract from marketability, we can digitally remove items and edit spaces to highlight the best features.

– Open Floor Plan Remodeling – Thinking of knocking down a wall for a more open concept? We can generate 3D renderings to visualize the changes.

– Yard & Outdoor Area Staging – In addition to interiors, we can craft exteriors like patios, pools, and landscaping to showcase lifestyle possibilities.

– Commercial Space – Retail, office, and other commercial spaces can also benefit from virtual staging tailored to business needs.

Our talented team is ready to provide any virtual staging services your next project requires. Contact us today to discuss transforming your listings with 3D visualization!


WHAT IS virtual staging?
Virtual staging is the process of using digital software to stage a property virtually. Advanced 3D modeling and rendering technology allows interior designers to digitally furnish, decorate and enhance empty rooms to appear occupied and inviting.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN virtual staging and 3d walkthrough services?
Virtual staging is showcasing an idealized version of the home for marketing. Including digital furnishing, decorating, and lighting, while 3D walkthroughs provide an authentic tour of the existing property. They are complementary services that together give buyers the best impression, both digitally enhanced and realistic.

WHAT IS THE USE CASES OF virtual staging?
Virtual staging serves is a solution across a spectrum of applications in real estate and design. From enhancing the allure of vacant homes to a sneak peek into the pre-construction stages. Virtual staging proves invaluable for planning, marketing, and design.

Virtual Staging projects fall between 1 to 15 days based on the complexity of the assets, photorealism level, motion graphics required, and other specifications. With tight timelines or budgets, the scope and requirements may be adjusted to expedite the process.
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