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The first impression is formed by exterior: the question is not about people, but also about various construction objects – houses, offices and industrial buildings. When designing modern house front all the bases must be covered, the look must be beautiful, maintained in a unified architectural style. In addition, each object is assigned with certain functions it should perform. Architectural 3D visualization allows future owner or investor to obtain a result that matches assigned goals and needs to the full extent. What is 3D visualization? Architectural 3D visualization involves full computer model objectification of all concepts of object architecture, it can demonstrate the external appearance in various dimensions at morning and nighttime lighting. Moreover, visualization of exterior requires consideration of surrounding landscape; computer model is created on specific landscape backgrounds. Architectural visualization offers the possibility of strict observance of all details, project’s geometry, as well as in-depth engineering of elements, materials selection for facades finish and color schemes. Specialists of our Company have great experience in the sphere of exterior renders, and will develop visualization model taking into account all customer preferences.

Examples of exterior visualization

3D Visualization of Exterior Design

Residential compounds, villa communities, public spaces, and private housing estates are the reality that can be projected in virtual space long before its realization in real life.

3D visualization of exterior design allows projecting 3D presentation of any objects employing computer graphics. The exterior – which is an outer view of buildings integrated into the environment – has its architectural forms that are realistic to the greatest possible extent.

3D space filled with objects can be bird’s-eye viewed. At the same time, you are welcome to zoom the picture if you wish and then you’ll be able to get a closer look at any fragment of it. You can do anything using new 3D exterior visualization technology.

Why is 3D Visualization is Often Chosen?

Using 3D visualization, you can apprehend all merits of your future house, summer cottage, or any other premises in detail. Today you can do it as easily as if you were turning the pages of a magazine.

3D views of ready-built houses look more attractive and vivid than a lot of multi-page drawings that are difficult for a customer to make sense of.

Due to the 3D visualization of a building our client can get a detailed view of the façade, the type, and material of the roof, window configuration, wall finish of the future building.

Any building company will attract much more clients if it manages to present to the potential buyers not only a specific realty but a whole residential compound with a well-developed infrastructure that is fulfilled in 3D visualization mode.

Future owners of apartments or offices can walk through virtual alleys and not only look around the corner but also make a round through all buildings nearby. That makes it possible to appreciate how seamlessly architectural units are blend in with the definite landscape.

Where is 3D Visualization of Buildings Ordered and What for?

3D visualization programs are used to make project adjustments at every stage of development according to the clients’ demands. By adjusting and supplementing the outer view of the buildings that are being constructed, you can create a new reality by the minute.  

3D exterior visualization can easily imitate in volume-spatial graphics both residential compounds or separate suburban settlements and housing estates integrated into large-scale city development plans.

Both home renovation and major repairs of low-rise or high-rise buildings will also be much more efficient if the necessary calculations of parameters of changes are previously made.

3D visualization will help to choose building materials for future construction. It will give a visual picture of these materials contextualized in the whole project.

Capabilities of 3D Exterior Visualization

3D visualization helps to see the objects made of bricks, stone, wood, and other materials presenting their qualities visually. 3D graphics can render not only the slightest color gradation and texture of the cladding surface but also can model different light sources.

As a result, with the help of 3D visualization, you can answer in advance all questions of investors due to comprehensive visibility and imagery of projects.

3D Exterior Rendering Cost

The price for visualization is calculated individually. It depends on the complicity of a building project, peculiarities of distribution of texture, and work completion time. The price of exterior visualization is influenced by the following parameters:

  • Work completion time. A project with too tight deadlines will be at least 30% more expensive.
  • Project scope. Bulky objects usually demand involving more specialists.
  • Careful workout of details. Such work demands significant creative efforts and a huge amount of time.
  • The necessity of individual 3D modeling. Sometimes it turns out that our client wants, by all means, to see a definite object in the picture. Certainly, in this case, the cost of the individual 3D model will be more expensive.
  • The number of angles that are used. Thus, each additional visualization of the building from a different angle is paid additionally.
  • The complexity of the surrounding landscape. There can be footpaths and various ponds, decorative stones, street lampposts around the building. The price depends on the type of project – whether the fully synthetic surrounding is created or the project is based on the photos of a real landscape and so forth.

For consultation and calculation of the precise cost, you are welcome to contact us using the phone number mentioned on our website. You can also leave your contact info in the feedback form. We will call you back in a couple of minutes. 

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