Why designer Visualization: 3d model or photos?

Why designer Visualization: 3d model or photos?

For a start it should be noted the obvious fact: 3d rendering of the interior gives the opportunity to look behind the curtain into the future to see the designer's work, which is only in the project, in addition to this there are a number of options.

Interior visualization allows you to send the image as accurately and clearly already made photos at the same time created the image is detailed and very high quality.
Even the most clear and professionally made photos on the background of three-dimensional visualization looks a bit dull and not transmit all shades of brightness.
Interior Visualization opens the field of possibilities, where you can realize even the most daring design decisions and developments. Often when determining the wishes of the customers are not always enough to recreate them in the drawing, because no matter what you want to see what will be the result at the end.

Of course, your workflow involves the frustration due to negligence of the designer and the work process is often complicated by the uncertainty in the final result, after making adjustments. For this reason, an indispensable solution - is to use innovative technologies that help in creating a visualization of the interior in the best way to convey to the customer the final result.

Among the designers there is a perception that sounds like a "beautiful picture is much easier to sell." After that, it becomes apparent demand visualizers for such projects. Among its customers there are more architects, realtors, design offices, studios and ordinary people. However, most still - interior designers. Often it happens that very high quality-designed visualization pulled objectively not the best design. Important welcome this procedure - not adhere to reality, and comfort.

In real life, even the new interior can not guarantee the absence of minor flaws: discrepancies, irregularities, light distortion, which, naturally, will be visible in the photo. At times, many customers and performers agree that the rendering looks much better than the picture. By the creators of three-dimensional space in which the interior, it was possible to control such natural conditions as the sky, the sun, reflection and other materials. It is used and creativity visualizers.

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