Funds and summarize the work of the Visualizer

Funds and summarize the work of the Visualizer

It should be noted that not always the image of photographic quality is a matter of the photographer's hands. Very often you can find pictures of interiors, buildings and places that do not exist. It has long been no secret that artists actively use the opportunity to create colorful and very realistic scenery without the help of the camera, brushes and paints.

Graphic image of the exterior or interior of the building in the computer format, which reveals all the features and facilities side, has a name - architectural visualization. Its main task is the disclosure of the external characteristics of the building in the future, ie before the beginning of its construction, and the project must have aesthetic value. It is in this connection modern 3d visualization is considered very important for the architectural sphere, creativity and advertising.

Using programs such as AutoCAD, 3dsmax, Cinema 4D, ArchiCAD, V-Ray, etc., in the field of artistic visualization specialist creates the most proportionate, alive and attractive architectural objects through 3D graphics and modeling. These programs are called visualizers or render. They work hard to discover the lighting in 3D objects.

As the principle of operation of a number of programs use the rendering or rendering the exterior. In simple terms, this rendering of three-dimensional models of objects, which are displayed to get the ultimate static bitmap or vector image or three-dimensional animation of the rendered panorama. These are the key concepts of computer graphics.

The main thing - to get as a result of the simulated image. The final version of the object modeling effect on how technology is used for the visualization of the procedure. For example, the use of so-called computer games three-dimensional accelerators, and to create a video using "pre-rendering". The world is more than enough well-known trend of companies that use the software for visualization. So, «Pixar» created «renderman». This is a software package for the three-dimensional animation. He has quite a simple interface, and from the end of the last century, it is actively used by other large companies.

Depending on what result is expected to receive in the end, such an image can handle several specialists in different areas of work: visualizers, such an image can handle several specialists in different areas of work: visualizer, 3D animators, designers, retouchers, experts in the composition, art- director. This competence and professionalism of each of the employees has a direct impact on the quality of the final work in the future.

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