Creating interior in the style of biomorfizm

Creating interior in the style of biomorfizm

Biomorfizm considered one of the most modern and fresh directions in style designs. Its founder - a sculptor and architect Eero Saarinen. In such a difficult style interior it creates quite difficult, so it is very helpful to be an interior rendering. So you will see at once that the results are worth the effort. This interior will focus on maximum comfort and peace of human being in the room. The cost of interior visualization justified by the fact that in this way you can see the features typical of biomorfizma.

Biomorfizm - is, first of all, space. It is therefore intended that excluded a close room, which are separated from each other by walls, whose traditional doorways. Sight should not slide over obstacles arbitrarily delineated areas, which flow smoothly into one another border. This interior is quite appropriate for the use of various transparent and translucent moveable wall. Thus, the interior is divided only into two main zones: private (bathroom, toilet, bedroom, office) and the area where guests are received (living room, hall, dining room, kitchen).

Biomorfizm carries the idea of ??unity and harmony with the environment. This is clearly expressed in the projects which are carried out 3d rendering, you can estimate the species is not just the large windows, and panoramic windows. So, for example, the interior blends seamlessly with the landscape, which can be seen behind the glass that the complex blends in a bright uniform picture. Such boundless abundance of space and light are transformed into the ideal living conditions conducive to psychological balance. If the view outside the window is not particularly attractive, light curtains may be used freely transmissive daylight sunlight.

Finishing and emphasis of this style is impossible without respect for the perfect balance, nothing should not look odd. Neither option is to finish as not to attract the attention of nuisances, but boredom and unacceptable. So, it is safe to give preference in favor of soft shades of bright colors. Complete with flowing forms, this combination will cause only positive emotions. And since style biomorfizm refers to an organic version of the design, the decoration and requires the use of natural materials and natural or environmental simulation.

The most interesting thing in this style - the choice of furniture. First of all, it should be a minimum. On the other hand, one must be comfortable, but its shape - anatomical. And, of course, the form of furniture should be soft and smooth. We should not forget the fact that the interior of this style is easily interfaced with hints of art deco, minimalism, avant-garde and ekostilya.

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