Simple modeling by the rules

Simple modeling by the rules

3d modeling has allowed mankind to break the boundaries of reason and combine the real world with the virtual. And according to Einstein's mind, change the boundaries of the real and the possible, once expanded its, never to return to the former.

Modeling is based on three pillars, the basic rules: clarity, speed and efficiency. They are combined with a live image. The name «3d modeling apartment" means a process to build a 3d model of technical tricks.

Even the uneasy model can be broken down into parts - the landfill. This element of the base load Function - they make up the surface of the figure. Texture makes the surface as realistic as possible. The top and side - those concepts that everyone knows from school, more precisely, with the geometry. Normal Map is responsible for folding illusions surfaces.

Until the early 90's it has always been used only 2d graphics, on 2 axes: X - abscissa (object width) and Y - ordinate (height). The 3d graphics are also taken into account the Z axis, which oboznachet depth of the object. In this way it appeared radically new product.

Programs that allow to develop their own design for homes, apartments user, do not look for distant history. User Product is all he can. From the user has to select a model from the catalog of equipment, furniture, and put all the elements in their places.

So, the main rules that should studio 3d render, focuses on the following:

"Beautiful pictures" can only be a maximum detail. It is necessary not only to choose the wardrobe, but also to place on the shelves of all the books. Such subtleties give the design of humanity and make the layout more comfortable.
In the planning stage is a simple model. Planning is carried out to clarify the customer's preferences. This point should use simple drawings and sketches by hand. In the future, they can be used as a sketch and to create 3d interior.

Using graphs on three axes and simulation significantly changed the life extension of the boundaries of understanding how the world works. The invention of such models has become a new landmark in the history of thought. And the design of the design is not the only area in which 3d graphics can be used.

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