The new version of software for modeling

The new version of software for modeling

By itself, the design work and 3d modeling depends on how complicated the product is designed, respectively, sometimes the work has been delayed for a long time. So, you can use the design engineers of various specialties.

Although in recent years increasingly apply modern, powerful computer hardware and specially developed software, which leads to what is required to spend much less time on the job, and, consequently, reduces the complexity of the costs to manufacture prototypes.

One of the most popular programs for creating three-dimensional models is AutoCad. Older versions of it were originally used in the development of executive documentation (drawings, statements, and bills of material and components). The new version gives the designer the opportunity to change the transparency of objects. This function is useful and easy to work with assembly units, because it can change the transparency of the one part and the other to examine. Ask transparency can or tape, or using the Properties palette. Also, if necessary, the transparency of the object and is reflected in the drawing can be printed.

3d modeling of apartments is now easier thanks to the new property management system. To change their shape, spatial orientation, adjust the sizes sufficient to use a "handle", which will provide a change of directions and heights. You can also change the display mode of the objects in the drawing. Namely, it is now possible to hide or isolate a single element. For example, during the creation of temporary drawings to show the entire model without some detail. And the objects that have been exposed to isolation, it is possible to perform the procedure contrary to leave visible only it and hide all the others. There was also an opportunity to create new objects using an object that has already been created in the drawing, using the same tools, what base object is created.

This is only a small part of what is in store for the new version AutoCad14 users. 3d rendering with this program allows you to create complex projects, using three-dimensional modeling. A standard for the design and preparation of drawing documentation is advisable to use an older version of the program.

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