Scientific visualization

Scientific visualization

Visualization is an ancient art that is displaying graphic images of imaginary elements or objects. An early example of visualization can be called rock art. The modern world makes 3d rendered structures, buildings, vehicles. Since three-dimensional technologies are in constant development and are becoming more available, the visualization began to be used as a tool for engineers, scientists, designers and a wide range of other professions.

This technology is based on the use of computer programs to create three-dimensional images of artificial and natural objects, through which you can manipulate, modify and deliver presentations that will have the desired effect on the viewer.

For a long time, 3D visualization has been used by various media as a graphic display. The modern world applies new technologies when creating complex visual effects and images. This technique eliminates the actual need to physically create the new object, allowing you the time to see the final image in the form of virtual design. The opportunity to develop and recreate anything on your computer with a powerful software technology displays visualization on a pedestal among the techniques the implementation of any project.

For example, an industrial designer can develop a line of lamps using visualization. Thus they have the opportunity to check how effectively they will work under different conditions based on project requirements and data resources. On the other hand, those who are engaged in studies of the safety of vehicles can collect data conducted the crash tests and to construct the model of a possible accident, using this data. Then these models can be used in making decisions about future improvements. And visualization of the interior can be carried out for the rooms that a potential customer could in a virtual form pre-conditions to see the best rooms.

In addition to commercial areas of use, visualization is used by scientists, for example, in studies of natural phenomena such as simulated changes of the Titanic plates. So, based on the technical indicators that I've never seen one person. In addition, scientists in the study of climate can create a visualization of the planet in the form of a model showing sea level or atmospheric phenomena. Also, visualization is used in the field of architecture, with its help it is many amazing projects come to life.

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