Transparent architecture

Transparent architecture

Today visualizers services are more relevant than ever for many people: architects, designers, construction companies and studios, even just individuals do not miss the opportunity to admire the work of virtual artists. Most likely, this is due to the fact that a realistic image, similar to the photo, facilitates the way of sales and presentations, negotiations.

And in general, visualization of the project creates a stunning effect and makes it presentable, informative, impressive. Simply eliminating the need to show to the customer on his fingers, what we have in mind.

Now architectural 3d visualization is not just a whim of a rich uncle. Despite the fact that many people have that impression today, most of the projects of architect, even very small, does not take place without imaging services are even inferior. Agree, in fact it is easier to pay a couple hundred for a very clear picture, rather than in the future for a long time and hard to alter the interior or even rebuild the house.

Quality architectural visualization is characterized by a harmonious combination of a properties such as excellent graphic processing of detail exterior and interior, priglyadnaya composition, the play of light and shadow, of course, realistic architectural elements, its high-quality construction. However, it should be noted that the composition and lighting - the key moments of visualization. Most often, they produce the desired effect on the viewer, not specializing in design and does not know all the nuances.

Visualization of architectural projects is of several types: drawing, made by hand - that is, the construction of the image according to the principles of descriptive geometry with possible subsequent computer processing; and computer graphics, which involves a bitmap or vector rendering, panorama or animation created using different software capabilities through rendering method. Visualizers are commonly used programs such as 3dsMax, ArchiCAD, Maya, v-Ray, AutoCAD, SketchUp, and others that are known less.

Due to its vast possibilities in the field of computer graphics, architectural visualization acts as a separate sphere of the world market. This stage of development of society and human relationships indicates the most common way of work in the field of visualization - a remote programming. Quite a lot of designers are ready to cooperate with people who are interested in graphic design, through the network.

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