visualizing Cultures

visualizing Cultures

Architectural Visualization - this technique to create images that will accurately reflect the planned construction on the background of the surrounding area before the start of the erection and construction. It is used today almost all the architects, as a means to live and vivid demonstration of the project proposed by the customer.

Before you start designing a three-dimensional format models, architects need to provide drawings of floors, facades, relief parishes (roads, trees, landscape) that also need the designer to studio 3d imaging can evaluate and calculate the exact cost of the project.

Architecture firmly mastered a leading position as an instrument for the formation of visual culture. Unimaginable influence perfect and beautiful architectural structures in the human. They gradually form the aesthetic views, provide relevant experience, good and sad. In addition, the architecture is the main point to participate in the formation of a portrait of the city, putting emphasis on its advantages and disadvantages, demonstrating the historical component of the city.

The modern world has made the construction sphere of architecture is much closer, now they are focused not only within the borders of one mind, and showcases more diverse range of people. It's not only in the construction of the model, but also takes the entire inner face of the house in mind. In this scale are endless, as an object for three-dimensional visualization can be taken and the neighborhood, and a great city.

Basically, 3d imaging includes not only the order of the external image, but also on purely technical details. This applies, for example, qualitative composition demonstration parts, setting light sources and materials.

Visualization Architecture facilities operate in two types of the graphic image, different from each other by the method of: manually and by means of computer capabilities. The first option will create an image according to the rules of descriptive geometry. In the second embodiment, the artist used a professional program. In any case, the result gives the most realistic photographic image of the future areas to enable cost evaluation and selection of the final version, the corresponding financial means.

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