What issues can be between the customer and the performer?

What issues can be between the customer and the performer?

Technology 3d modeling apartments, as well as service 3d visualization projects can improve the quality of your product advertising, goods, property and others. This is particularly true of the situation when the next object is at the design stage and it is impossible to photograph live.

However, 3D-renderers - difficult people. And as with any other cooperation, during the various problems can occur between the customer and the contractor:

  • Visualizer can not stand the term assigned to the delivery of the project. As a result, the delay increases the risk of impossibility of completion of the project, thus increasing the chances of losing customers and profits.
  • The resulting draft is full of errors. This happens if the 3d-artist is not treated with due attention to the task. Also, it does not always work to convey to the renderer that you want to see the result. In this case, unfortunately, does not return spent force, time and nerves.
  • The price does not adequately correlated with the work done. The price of all services, both basic and supplementary, are not clearly specified. This occurs due to the fact that there are still certain parameters which would affect the price. Each project has individual cost. Therefore, at the end of may surprise you visualizer work done by calling a tidy sum.
  • No Warranties. It is likely the possibility that after the receipt of payment order artist disappears. And the money will not come back, and in return get nothing.
  • No result or low-quality execution of work. Even if the Visualizer is a fantastic portfolio, its performance will not always be so, for which you want to. As a result, the client can be lost, that simply will not accept the project. As a result, wasted money and time.

All possible trouble can be avoided if the work is connected to the studio 3d imaging. This warranty, and compliance with deadlines, and high quality, with the improvements, and the ability to track the steps of the job, and transparent costs, and, of course, openness and accessibility. They have nowhere to run something.

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