The interior of the palm

The interior of the palm

The generally accepted and widely used methods for the development of interior design usually can not provide full and correct idea of ??what will be flat in the future. After all, traditional drawings made on paper, only in general terms convey the key points in the project, but they will never be able to show the reality.

To perform high quality design project and give it visibility, using 3d modeling apartments. This technology represents the most relevant way for the development of the project, as it will give a full understanding of every detail of the apartment, and the customer will be available to evaluate the project in detail.

Three-dimensional model gives the ideal chance to explore the interior of the room in a bulk mode, and at different angles to see a different angle of illumination. Even at the stage at which the project is developed, 3d modeling allows us to see the future design, which will be re-created after the repair and selection of furniture, accessories and repainting the walls and the rugs.

Among the advantages are the following simulation:

  • Meeting deadlines, regardless of the complexity of the project;
  • Recreating even small parts with details that will make it possible to observe the results of the work in the beginning;
  • 3d rendering interior is realized with the use of parts in real proportions;
  • Adequate and accurate selection of premises lighting apartments;
  • Rapid changes in accordance with the wishes of the customer, without compromising the project.

In addition, three-dimensional modeling is not just a visualization. This is a real chance to identify errors and make corrections even in the development of the overall concept. At the same time, the design project can be created in several different ways for a more deliberate and optimal choice of one.

The modeling process is carried out, taking into account the actual conditions of the room and the possibility of re-planning of the space. The project is created in several stages. First the definition and development of the concept, its foundation considered the wishes and preferences of the customer. This phase includes the decision on the redevelopment, made the selection of the list of required materials, furniture and other possible elements. The next stage is constructed in the interior model 3D format by software. The designer develops the basic model for the interior, and the program creates a design that complements the main elements. The next - held the project approval. Client at this time can appreciate the interior. For any professional designer knows how important the right to submit the project to the customer.

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