Save to update kitchen design

Save to update kitchen design

To purchase a high quality and good furniture in the kitchen, it takes a lot of effort and money. Therefore, if you have the feeling that your furniture is in the kitchen will be surely a few more years, but the appearance is already thoroughly started or simply bored, designers are sure give it appeal.

Often interior visualization is performed using several methods. One of them - is the transformation of an old vintage furniture. If frayed corners of the cabinet, the table rather tired, you can follow the advice of the great Sun Tzu "Wrap your weaknesses into strengths." We are talking about a specific method when experienced designers specially age the new pieces of furniture, in order to achieve such an effect. So this project is easily embodied. Suffice it to aggravate grown old parts with fine sandpaper grit.

On the other hand, it can be done differently: repaint the cabinets and lockers in every pastel color and decorate them with white molding. Volume patterns, which will be attached to the lockers, give the interior a vintage spirit of the past generation. This picture is complemented by impressive starched napkins, framed by delicate ruffles. Do not believe me? 3d visualization will enable it to submit. In any case, the cost of interior visualization is much smaller than the correction of errors when trying to decorate it yourself.

If the kitchen is equipped with quality hood, the color of the furniture will still fade and salted with time. In such cases it is recommended to repaint the cabinets and pedestals in fresh and light colors. Sunny yellow pastel color brightly illuminate the kitchen and give her comfort. Orange cabinets look very impressive and fashionable, they also significantly raised the mood early in the day. If such a decision would seem a bit frivolous, you can try to make the contrast with, for example, a dark apron.

Dark red in the kitchen looks solid and always true. Pridacha red color refreshes wooden kitchen furniture. This is done by using several layers of stains. Metallic adds interior cool tone. Naturally, cover the entire kitchen, stainless steel or galvanized metal is not necessary, use a metallic paint silver hue enough.

Dark green, white, olive and blue paint to make the kitchen a much lighter and visually cleaner. Even if you change the handles on the lockers and cabinets, you can freshen up the whole interior. And if you add a couple of bright accents plates, colorful curtains and tablecloths the same, the deficiencies on the furniture, even no one will notice.

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