What is architectural visualization?

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What is architectural visualization?

By the way, the visualization of the interior - a procedure such necessary for interior designers. It was created mainly to the customer was that show on the illustrative example of the design project.

Of course, not so long ago experts architecture coped with the tasks without using the program, carried out the design with their own hands and forces. But progress does not wait, mountains of paper schemes in the past, any studio 3d visualization capabilities using computer 3D.

3d rendering showing the interior is, in fact, a realistic image of a volume performance created through precise technology. The project from start to finish is carried out in the program, and the design of a subsequent adjusted to change what concerns colors, the materials used for the future of design.

Visualization also allows you to use certain technology for the projection of light, through which creates a natural and very attractive lighting to visualize the final images.

Ultimately, images of realistic maximum effect obtained by shaping and design drawing. A kind of picture that has a good resolution, it can print out and show to customers in the future within the project boundary.

Typically such important factors as the size and aspect ratio, the shape formed on the phase matching operation at the beginning. Their terms of reference records. The starting material fit any drawings, plans, photographs of rooms, sections and sketches, sketches, examples of the network or magazines.

Some 3D modeling involves constructing geometric objects visualization. This first stage in the development of design. Each object is very carefully processed, therefore, time-consuming process. It takes place in the full sense of the word creative act, when the designer works as an artist, he uses virtual instruments, build another space. At the end of the simulation, can be seen more clearly present the shape and proportions of the future interior.

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