3D design and methodology

3D design and methodology

To date, there are more articles and methodical literature about the three-dimensional design. Accordingly, the old methods are beginning to fade into the background, and to replace them come new methods that are more advantageous than the traditional ones.

The fact that the present housing - this is not only the foundation, floor, walls and roof. An integral part of any building is also the electricity system, heating, ventilation and water supply. Therefore, a full 3d visualization project also includes the design of all these systems. At the same time the design team and the professionalism of a direct impact on the efficiency of operation of the system, its service life and ease of reconstruction required.

Advantages of the design under these conditions as follows:

Three-dimensional visualization, which is based on the accuracy of engineering calculations, can significantly reduce energy costs. A carefully designed project will soon begin the installation work. It saves time, and thus, saved and money.
Two-dimensional drawings by hand, require much more time than the construction of the model in 3D. For example, 3d exterior rendering, particularly finished drawing is loaded into the program. This eliminates the need to provide separately isometric drawings, as the work program provides for the generation of three-dimensional models. In the end, finished project can be obtained as soon as possible.
3d modeling allows us to make a full presentation, while the standard two-dimensional design techniques allow you to create a project of several parts. And in order to reveal the contradictions between them, it required a time-consuming and laborious work of the designer. At the same time, even the most precise calculation allowed a large percentage of the probability of error in the match. Three-dimensional design eliminates such cases. In automatic mode, create sections and perspectives, thereby reducing the time to develop the project.
In the early stages of designing a two-dimensional model it is quite difficult to immediately identify an error in the calculation, lack of coordination or intersection elements. It comes only with a lot of experience, and in his absence took a lot of precious time to eliminate such errors. When the three-dimensional design is possible discrepancies elimination is now possible in the initial stages.
With 3D-design becomes available to work in a team. Automatic mode allows any member of the team, which is responsible for its own element, share models between them. Specialized programs are equipped with a large database with a lot of ready-made models, she changed and updated via the Internet. By converting compiled isometric drawings, which are characterized by high accuracy and they do not need correction.

Thus, the project is a more accurate, and monetary and time costs, including human resources, will be less.

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