Architectural Concept

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architectural concept

Architectural Concept

The architectural concept of the project is considered the author’s concept of the object, which is fixed by means of an integrated circuit, taking into account aspects of economic solutions to project requirements, social, sanitary, engineering, environmental plan, the fixed section of architectural figures in the documents of the construction project. All of this are implemented directly in the construction.

Typically, the project consists of a sketch, or of 3d simulation of the exterior, interior that is supposed to be designed. Work consists of the following stages:
Concept. The initial stage determines if the object can be placed on territory, development of the concept of decisions. In addition, at this stage architectural 3d visualization 3d of the building is performed into the background surrounding. And customer is provided by options for the proposed zoning.

Preliminary design. Here is making a detailed elaboration of the main architectural concept and art, space-planning decisions on the subject. Customer provides plans of each floor and all necessary calculations, sketches stylistic variant of the interior and exterior.

At the design stage, developed precise and final decisions of the project: construction, engineering, architecture, space planning, design, technology.

At the stage of drawings are made all necessary sketches that where all details of the geometrical parameters and characteristics of structures, constructions and its elements are indicated.

It is important to note that for the start of work with design customer must provide technical task. This is a verbal description of the requirements to the future construction of the project. In the absence of the technical task, it can be compiled in collaboration with the architect. Clear technical task will guarantee that 3d visualization will be according to the request of the client.

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