The Differences Between 3D Renderings and Photography

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The Differences Between 3D Renderings and Photography

If you ask what we want to get as a result of 3d visualization, we can note that we want to do work in the most realistic way and fill it with life for visualization photography. For this, we use high-quality models and realistic lighting, but except for it, we also have two fundamentally different moments.

The first is angles from the height of human sight. This technique makes the image so realistic that the viewer is simply immersed in the project head first. In this way, the figure is perceived not just as an artificial picture, but as a real object in the background environment. That’s how you can create the impression that it’s just the photo, which was taken by the photographer being in a certain place. The “shoot” needs to be made not from somewhere in the air, but from a real place like a path for pedestrians or the sidewalk, and it needs to capture all surrounding details, that will make the visualization photography looks realistic.

Many professionals and studios, especially beginners, don’t even know about this and have no idea how they can achieve such an impressive effect. And their architectural visualization hasn’t yet reached the desired level. Although this is completely okay, all skills only come with practice.

There is another method, that helps to maximize detail for images panoramas. It requires fairly precise manual editing. Each master plan is made by a specialist manually without using any ready-made models and pictures. Thus 3d visualization of the exterior is performed with special attention to every small detail (including the individual elements of the landscape), the direction of shadows, the position of the glare of the sun, and stuff. In this approach, the quality of a panoramic image is similar to a photo. If you want to make a really high-detail picture, use a perspective that comes from the height of the bird’s flight. Such a perspective allows a full and very elaborate in detail concept of the complex or neighborhood.

Summing up everything above, we can conclude that the picture that is most similar to the photo, will create a real sense of presence and will expand the potential buyer’s boundaries of perception. It allows us to represent the object like it is already built. This means that you can emotionally move into it, and feel yourself like in other reality.

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