Stages 3D-visualization of houses

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Stages 3D-visualization of houses

To begin with, it is necessary to clarify that 3d visualization of the projects, such as houses – is the construction of the most realistic models of buildings, using specialized software.

In the future, the proposed model is used to create documents for the construction, cost estimates for materials and work. And in general, the three-dimensional image model gives a clear idea of ??what will be a result of future home.

Any work on the model begins with the choice of style and size of the proposed house.

The first step is the establishment of the size of the plan and floors of rooms.

Further, after the agreement-rise housing areas, ceiling height, window size, the experts working on the facade of the building, create a 3d rendering of the exterior. When the work is done in collaboration with our customers, it is more convenient to develop model plane on which subsequently create a three-dimensional image. In addition, it is technically easier done through programs on importing flat drawings into three-dimensional models.

Once the volume model is built, experts are ready to start rendering. Simply put, you want to make a comprehensive picture at home and as a result get a picture in jpeg format in the standard extension. Render the exterior is performed by a plug-in that converts an image into a virtual photo realistic live.

To create three-dimensional models of buildings, used as a source drawings, photographs, plans, drawings or sketches. It allowed the subsequent addition adjoining areas when creating the project. In this case, a complete picture of the whole area to the house. Such 3d rendering today the most popular and in demand. In addition, this step allows you to save a lot of money for general imaging, as opposed to the payment of each individual stage.

Of course, the need to build a three-dimensional image, each defines for himself and based on their needs. But it is obvious that if the sight will always be a virtual model of the future building, neither the contractor does not shalturit. So, even the need to oversee the conIn addition, modern technologies contribute to the modeling of excellent quality projects, as in the photo, which eliminates the risks in the architectural, technical and design errors.struction is simplified in several times.

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