Simple rules 3d modeling

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Simple rules 3d modeling

3d modeling has allowed to expand the boundaries of reason and “cross” real and virtual worlds. And according to the statement of Einstein’s mind that changed the boundaries of the real and the possible, thereby expanding its borders once, never to return to the past.

Three-dimensional modeling is based on three elephants, fundamental principles: transparency, speed and efficiency. They are combined with the “revival” of the picture, and voila – 3d model ready. During the term «3d modeling apartments” hiding procedure for constructing a three-dimensional model using the techniques.

Even the most sophisticated model is divided into “pieces” – the landfill. It is an element that carries the basic functional load. Planar polygons that constitute the surface shape. Texture creates the most realistic surface. The top and side – concepts that are likely to be familiar with each school, with the geometry lessons. The normal or normal map provides the formation of illusions complex surfaces.

Prior to the ’90s has always been used only two-dimensional graphics based on 2 axes: X – abscissa, is responsible for creating an object width, and Y – ordinate, responsible for the creation of height. In the 3d graphics as a supplement to the previous uses the Z-axis, indicating the depth of the object. Thus, there was a completely new product.

Programs that allow users to develop their own design for houses, flats, do not go far back in history and features of the design. Custom product is already done everything himself. The user only needs to choose the model of the proposed directory (appliances) and put everything in the right place.

So, the basic rules, which are followed by professional studio 3d visualization and simulation, put the emphasis on the following:

“Tasty Pictures” provides maximum detail. It is necessary not only to choose the wardrobe, but also to place on the shelves all the books, not only to put the bed in the bedroom, but also light the candles around it. Such subtleties are given to the design of humanity, will sweep away plaque sterility and make the layout more comfortable.
During the planning phase should be prepared simple models. Planning is carried out in order to clarify the desires and goals of the customer. This step is to use a simple two-dimensional diagrams and sketches by hand. In the future, they can be used in the base functions and designs to create a three-dimensional interior.

Using three-dimensional graphics and three-dimensional modeling dramatically changed life, expanding the boundaries of understanding the structure of the world. The invention of such models has become a new milestone in the history of human thought. And interior design Design is not the only area in which use 3d graphics.

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