Rules interior lighting

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Rules interior lighting

In the design of the future of interior, especially important not to overlook the important nuances that affect the perception of the new design. High-quality rendering of the interior is impossible without a highlight: the lighting system. When choosing a light source, it is important to clearly present themselves, for what purpose it is needed, what should be the tone and type of light emanating from it, and what intensity will be beneficial to emphasize the interior.

Since the space in the room is divided into functional zones, each zone lighting also has to be its own. This type of lighting is called – functional. The role of lighting sources are the chandeliers, which are located in the central part of the ceiling, light fixtures and lamps with directional light, spotlights, which are ideally suited to illuminate the work area, as well as other lighting devices, illuminating the room, who are deprived of supply of natural light.

3d interior rendering also often created with the use of decorative lighting. It performs the task of decorating the interiors of rooms with the help of a beautiful light. This light does not bear the functional load, so he used as a backlight for paintings, shelves and decorative niches. With the help of lighting can create the visual effect of a raised ceiling, you can visually identify a particular item in the interior, or change the color of the walls.

Depending on what kind of results you need to get in covering a particular area, each studio 3d rendering uses various types of lighting – direct, scattered reflected. The scattered light is used for general fill light. Its role is that it directly illuminates the whole room. As an example can be called light, it exudes a chandelier, which passes through the ceiling. Direct lighting is presented in the form of directed light beams. With their help, the emphasis in the interior, or it is used to illuminate work areas. The reflected light is involved in creating a mysterious and enigmatic atmosphere, transforming the space into transparency and weightlessness. Such light can be obtained by lamps placed on the perimeter of the floor and sending them over the walls to the ceiling.

Several methods are used to illuminate any zone, but each is subject to certain rules. Working zone need to illuminate brightly and sleeping area, on the contrary – with the help diffuse, muted light. In the kitchen over the table often use spotlights, which are characterized by directed light beam, and a seating area are well decorated with soft lighting and a floor lamp. The most popular option – to use halogen lamps for such lamps, they will be directed to give a bright light.

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