Requirements and application of architectural visualization

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Requirements and application of architectural visualization

3d visualization of the projects is an art, which manifests itself in the creation of vivid and clear images, abstract ideas in a bulk format. In the past, visualization could be called rock carvings, which served as a human hand. Today, a complete technology, which clearly shows how the future will look like any building, whether it is a residential building or a three-dimensional model of the future car.

So, in other words, architectural visualization – graphic image of an object of urban development in architecture. It is characterized by a sufficient degree of informativeness and provides the most comprehensive display the external characteristics of the proposed construction.

The most successful form for the presentation of any competitive projects, presentation of the scope of the construction of buildings and their design is considered to be 3d rendering. Due to its advantages, it has become a whole new trend with his specifics of 3D-artists and architects. So, today, on a par with computer graphics, three-dimensional visualization technology becoming more accessible and serves as an important tool for scientists, engineers and other specialists of wide profile.

This technology is actively promoting the creation of special effects for movies, computer games, with their help simulate weather disasters and an entirely new way we study the structure of the human body. Moreover, computer visualization capabilities help to create 3D images converted information about the objects, effectively changed and displayed in graphic format. Quite a long render times using different media as assistive technology for processing of textual materials.

It is noteworthy that so far as the visualization of the final product must bear not only the information content of the appearance of the building forms, “as they are”. Also to be taken into account and figurative significance in terms of composition, light design and staging quality feed components of the architecture. And the potential of modern computing algorithms and computer facilities do that to get the most photorealistic images forms of architecture. So, today’s visualization consists of a set of tasks for architects and builders, creative and marketing environment.

Thus, visualization objects negate the need to establish a physically real object, allowing look at the future design of the model, a car or a building in a virtual form, that is, until its actual manufacturing, and even applications.

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