Reconciliation between the customer and visualization artist

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Reconciliation between the customer and visualization artist

Technology 3d modeling apartments, as well as high quality 3d rendering of projects can increase the level of advertising your product or commodity, the same applies to real estate and others. This is especially true for situations when the future facility overcomes the design stage and there is no way to photograph it live.

However, visualizers, as a rule – the difficult personality. And as in every cooperation, while working can result in various disputes between the customer and the contractor:

  • Viewer does not observe the dates fixed for the delivery of the project. As a result, increases the risk of inability to complete the project, thereby increasing the possibility of losing customers and profits.
  • The resulting draft is full of errors. This happens if the artist is not enough attention paid to the task. In addition, it is not always possible to convey to the renderer that you want to see the result on the picture. In this case, no longer return spent time and effort.
  • The price does not fully relate to the work performed. The cost of all services of basic and additional, not clearly stipulated. This occurs due to the fact that there are still certain parameters which would affect the price. Each project has individual cost. Therefore, as a result of work done visualizer can surprise by telling you a tidy sum.

No Warranties. It is likely that after the receipt of payment order artist can disappear. And the money will not come back, and instead there is nothing left.

No result or performed substandard work. Even if the renderer has a fantastic portfolio, its performance will not always be so, for which you want to. As a result, the client can lose, who just will not take the project to the discontent. As a result, spent and sredsva, and time.

All possible trouble can be avoided if you are connecting studio 3d imaging. This is the exact guarantee and observance of time limits, and high quality completions, and the ability to track the phases of the job, and cost transparency, and, of course, affordability. They have nowhere to run something.

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