Principles of architectural visualization

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Principles of architectural visualization

It is not always an image in the form of photos says that it is the photo. Now you can often find pictures of those places that do not even exist yet! It is actually possible to create colorful and realistic scenery without the help of the camera and it does not require ink and brush.

The graphic computer images of exteriors and interiors of buildings cover all of their similar and distinctive features – an architectural visualization. Its main task is to show all the external characteristics of the future building before the start of its construction, at the same time it is characterized by aesthetic value. That is why today 3d visualization is of great importance, especially for architecture, and in the future – for advertising and creativity.

Through the use of programs such as AutoCAD, 3dsmax, Cinema 4D, ArchiCAD, V-Ray, and other skilled artists or a visualizer using 3d graphics and 3d modeling to create any architectural object, the maximum proportioning, and the image, in the end, will turn out vibrant and attractive. The principle of operation of these programs – is the exterior render. It is a miscalculation of computer models of objects in the image, resulting in a static raster or vector image, 3d animation, or visualized panorama.

This visualizer should be aware that achieving the appropriate results can help not only masterly work with the software. Of great importance when dealing with the construction of proper architectural form has a reception artistic compliance rules during the construction of the composition, proper feeding of small and large parts structures, light and shadow, and a clear statement of handling small items. Pictures of these buildings are well accepted and considered the most attractive.

Visualization in architecture can effectively demonstrate the design of the future building, to prepare a colorful presentation. Depending on the desired result, such images can be played by specialists from different fields: visualizers, 3d animators, designers, project managers, etc. How they are correctly and professionally will depend directly on the quality of their future work.

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