Perfect presentation of the project

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Perfect presentation of the project

With regard to the design of the building presentation, its architectural visualization needs to look perfect, and the surrounding landscape must be of maximum benefit to the object and create the right mood. Basically, visualizers act according to the classical scheme: no more winning advertising course, you submit the item to the face and enter into the picture a few happy representatives belonging to the target audience. Basically, success is demonstrated that a beautiful home and happy people.

Any exterior rendering idealized is typical for any advertising. It really works and is perceived effectively. This is the idea of ?? an image, anyone can guess that few advertising embellished and “retouched”. If we talk directly about the sales process: the vendor-builder has lots of ways to show how accurately and painstakingly recreated the fantastic atmosphere, which promises every promotional material. Open days, tours on-site, photo reports, online camera mode, and other mechanisms to demonstrate the reality of the situation and dynamics of construction.

A controversial issue sometimes becomes a moment when the customer wants something “prettier”, but the skilled person that this will lead to an apparent discrepancy with reality. So, on the one hand, will show the wrong things, which in reality is not. But on the other, “the customer is always right.” If the customer needs or that detail, the artist has no right to refuse him. This question usually falls on the shoulders of each individual developer. Each visualization from a particular developer is associated with the problem of how “embellish” the reality. In defense of the approach should be said that quite a few projects are sold exclusively on the picture. In any case, people will want to visit at the site before buying a property, to clarify all the details and resolve issues with the documentation. Therefore, the advertising image is still perceived by common sense as the idealized dream.

Visualization definitely becoming more and more customers, because it is a new generation of service using the latest possibilities of technology, and it can not go unnoticed. More properties sell via the Internet, respectively, and the competition is growing rapidly. If everything could be sold on its own, as it was not so long ago in a property shortage, the technology would be in almost no demand. But today, the facilities offered to sell a lot more, so to stand out among others is necessary. And this is one of the most effective techniques.

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