Problems between the customer and the contractor in 3d modeling of the apartment

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Problems between the customer and the contractor in 3d modeling of the apartment

The technology of apartment 3d modeling, as well as other 3d visualization services, can improve the quality of advertising for your product. Especially in the situation when the product is at the design stage and it is impossible to make real-life photos.

However, it’s hard to get along with every 3D-render specialist. And as with any other cooperation, various problems can occur between customer and performer:

  • The performer can’t finish his work according to the assigned term. As a result, the delay increases the risk of failing the project, which increases the chances of losing customers and profits.
  • The resulting draft is full of errors. This happens if the 3d-artist wasn’t attentive to the task. Also, sometimes it’s hard to make render similar to the client’s vision and artist needs to produce new 3d drawing ideas. In this case, unfortunately, you can’t return the time and nerves that you spend.
  • The price is too high for the performance. The price of all primary and supplementary services is not clearly specified. This occurs due to the fact that there are still certain parameters that can affect the price. Each project has an individual cost. Therefore, in the end, the performer can surprise you with a high price.
  • No Warranties. Sometimes exist the risk that after the receipt of the payment order artist will disappear. So you won’t get both money and 3d-visualization.
  • No result or the low-quality result of work. Even if the performer has a fantastic portfolio, his performance will not always be so. In a situation like that, the client can simply not accept the project. As a result, wasted money and time.

All possible troubles can be avoided if you’ll choose the 3d imaging studio instead of a freelancer. In this case, you will have a warranty, precise deadlines, high quality, the possibility of improvements, the ability to track job steps, transparent costs, fresh 3d drawing ideas, and, of course, openness and accessibility.

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