Existing items with three-dimensional visualization

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Existing items with three-dimensional visualization

Today 3d interior rendering is already perceived as an integral part of the work of the internal space of almost any object of architecture, this applies to both office buildings and business centers, restaurants, cottages and apartments.

Computer visualization of interior is carried out in several stages. Their sequence is similar to the scheme of work during the renovation:

  • Making an accurate three-dimensional model of planning for the premises;
  • Filling materials space (construction and finishing);
  • Making lighting;
  • Filling of the finished pieces of furniture and room decor.

Construction of the inner space 3d image, usually required in two areas:

Within the boundaries of the development of the design project or in planning repairs, followed by decoration. In such circumstances, the computer 3d rendering interior will help the customer in virtual mode to change the layout and finish filling the space, the location of the furniture and decor elements in order to achieve the desired result without a number of additional costs that are spent on the purchase of building materials that are not suitable for these works.
For the purpose of advertising the demonstration sites for the construction of: during the presentations and other activities, while creating posters and videos. In this case, the technology will provide all the same benefits and features: no additional cost, you can change the situation, layout, lighting and decoration.

And in one and in another embodiment, the interior details worked out and separately from each other, and in combination with other elements, allowing the customer and the designer of the most comprehensive way to visualize existing creative impulses and ideas and as a result to present the most realistic design of future facilities, to put it simply, make the right decision.

The cost of interior visualization will depend on several factors. For example, the project will be carried out in a static version, then there is a photo space from different angles or in video format. The fact that each version use different graphics on the program, and on each of them specialists of different qualification work, the profile and level of skill. However, only professional specialists can help create a truly high-quality pictures of the interior of the future, taking into account all, even the smallest, but equally important details.

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