Designing of country houses

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Designing of country houses


Today, quite popular is the question, which concerns the construction of a country house. More and more people tend to spend the extra-urban life rhythm, relax deeply the fresh air. It is fashionable and prestigious. That is why the design and visualization of the exterior of country houses today so demand.

Design cottage should harmoniously combine some of the features: the use of, the artistic element and reliability. At the same time at the base of beautiful architectural solutions is always the observance of proportions. This house will look good even without additional decorative details. But gross lack of clarity and proportionality will look ugly, even with effective elements. Make sure that the house will be attractive in appearance, and will be achieved a balanced solution, will help architectural visualization. Thus, it often happens that, subject to proportionality, the house always has a chance to look great, even without a successful finish.

Design and render exterior – is an individual process of rebuilding the preferences and wishes of the customer, which is engaged architect. It was on his shoulders rests the responsibility for the formation of a functional and attractive form. This house must be very beautiful on their own, comfortable and solid.

The basis of the design procedure, constitute requirements of the customer, but in any case not excessive and obsessive ambition of the architect, who, by the way, very often in the way of project approval, and cause a lot of controversy. This architect must find a solution that will satisfy both sides. Process design involves not only formal compliance with the requirements contained in the specifications. The architect is obliged to creatively rethink all the information in the future to create a unique, “one-piece” and a really interesting project at home that will not only reflect the status of the customer, but will define his identity.

Often, customers are faced with the choice of purchase model of the finished project and the individual. The fact that the project will be ready in 2-4 times cheaper than the individual. A standard designs often are improved, so that among them you can find a very good option. Thus, the choice is obvious: if your site is not very complex shape, and in the plans you are not worth building extravagant homes, the finished project will be the ideal option. But, of course, the customer’s wishes are not always suitable for each project. But further modifications of the project – a complex and painstaking work. And in some situations alteration is creating almost a new project, which shall entail corresponding costs.

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