Computer Modelling

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Computer Modelling

The main task to be solved by 3d modeling – it is provided for the elimination of possible errors in the design documentation relating to the design of the product. This is done through the use of techniques to model processes separate parts and their combination for assembly.

This simulation looks exactly how the creative process of designing sculptures: take a bit of clay and vyleplivaetsya what is necessary. When there is an error, for example, the hole turns out not in the intended place – it closes up, and another punch where it is needed. So when developing a complex model can be a trial and error, but the process is lengthy and laborious. All new transactions are added to the previously executed, because of what the increased dimensions of the model.

There is another method, which corresponds to a model produced in real life. For example, from a piece of material is the item with the possible instruments, tools (hammer, chisels, welding, casting). This simulation becomes a mere repetition of the standard construction details, as in life, including those carried out selection of suitable instruments and determine the correct sequence of their use. Here, attention must be paid not form model and design, the prisoner in the correct sequence of operations. In this case the main thing – to preserve the mutual proportions.

Although, 3d modeling and apartments can be done without following these procedures. It is perfect for a bright 3d rendering.

The modeling procedure is thought out in detail, because it is a flow chart success will perform. First, set the values ??of dimensions with the relationship. This determines what will be the shape of the product. Changing dimensions leads to a change in shape. However, together with the project plan should be maintained.

Start modeling – is to create a sketch in 2D profile or cross-section. Eventually used structural parts to dry sketch acquired three-dimensional shape. Further, all the components are transformed into an assembly, observing proper positioning and connection.

Next is checking of the resulting assembly with which a drawing for assembly components created further. This is done with possible changes in the reflection pattern.

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