Architectural visualization

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Architectural visualization

3d modeling – a unique method that translates the negotiations with customers on a completely different level, where significantly reduced the time to make a decision. Three-dimensional modeling is simply a much clearer future customer, in other words, the potential consumer.

Agree, this project produces more memorable than the sketches and drawings, right? The project looks impressive and offers the investor to a positive decision.

Architectural visualization is a graphical representation of the object, its model, which allows to present and evaluate the external indicators and characteristics of the future construction. The model is presented in the form of demonstrations in photo-realistic graphics. The very same model is presented from different angles in order to more clearly show the construction of the future.

Such visualization is often used on the company’s website, in presentations, catalogs and other promotional items. Good studio 3d rendering typically offers high-quality projects visualization, 3d panoramic tours, the schedule for printing and the development of three-dimensional models. These services are increasingly used by companies in the construction and design. After this presentation can not be compared with the schemes, drawings, calculations dry, they are not as convincing as the whole image of the future buildings and their interior and exterior, which worked out to the smallest detail.

The composition of the project documentation includes: general plan of surrounding areas, building up on the surrounding area, floor plans floors, which are different, roof plans, sections (this option is required for buildings with a complex shape), color images of buildings facades. Although the order execution can be performed even if the material is lacking. It is often characteristic of the development stage of projects, which, however, must be presented to partners and customers. In this case, the creation of visualization will be based on the recommendations.

The most realistic photographic image already on the stage of the project will introduce the audience to the future appearance of the construction, whether a cafe, a residential complex or business center. It is possible to assess the advantages and disadvantages of construction and its harmonious compliance with the architectural concept of objects, which are located in the neighborhood.

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