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About rendering

Render the exterior, interior and their visualization – one of the very important steps of computer graphics, which allows the user to get an image that was previously modeled.

Depending on whether the ultimate goal is assumed, rendering several different species. For example, if the imaging is used to create a video that is slower and has a name of a pre-rendering. While visualization in real time is meant for computer video games.

Image Model, in fact, is a description of certain objects through a special computer language. For rendering typically use a specific program, which is called the renderer, and sometimes, a visualizer.
For example, interior render suggests that its object has been previously modeled and now it turns into a flat image, which subsequently can be displayed on a computer screen or on paper. In the simulation, this step is considered to be one of the toughest. That is, the designer has to create not just a projection of the object, but also all the materials from which the object is created.

Thus rendering impossible without modeling 3d. This operation is a computer designed for image-dimensional objects with a predetermined set of tools. As a three-dimensional modeling objectives include the development of geometric projection images in the plane. It is often used when you need to architectural visualization, visualization of the interior and exterior.

3d graphics makes a virtual analogue of the practical work of the imagination, which allows to use it to create a unique object, which does not exist in nature. After all, modeling is not only the creation of existing objects.

Nowhere is assessable results of computer modeling in a video game, sometimes in science, medicine, cinema, especially architecture, which makes extensive use of the possibility of three-dimensional graphics.
There are a set of software used 3d modeling from the outset, at a stage of creation of three-dimensional mathematical model of the scene and the necessary facilities for it. Using goes down to the last procedure, an important stage called rendering or rendering.

The first stage – the creation of a scene model – refers to several types of objects. Among them, the key importance is attached to the light source – light settings, as well as his closest parameters – power, direction, geometrical data, the virtual camera and materials.
In addition to modeling, the construction of three-dimensional graphics is still a lot of important steps: lighting, animation and more.

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