5 fashionable colors

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5 fashionable colors

To interior design has always been relevant, the selection of colors and combinations must be carried out correctly. In the creation of a modern bedroom or living room color is everything, he created the character and atmosphere of the room.

Naked countertops, smooth lines, monochromatic colors – it seems a hundred and to create a modern interior style is very simple. But high-quality visualization of the interior can accurately show what colors are suitable for a particular room. The designers were able to determine the best combination of 5 colors, which are the most impressive look.

Black and white. The black-and-white combination is considered a classic eternal pair, always relevant, they are actively using 3d interior rendering. Whatever happens, there will always be trends in design to dominate this combination, to maintain harmony. size of the room and its purpose is unimportant. Due to the sharp contrasts, you can create the most modern and classic look, which can be diluted with accent colors: red and green.

Yellow and gray when combined form a unique effect – contribute to any of the areas and interior design styles. Of course, studio 3d imaging uses that effect to create eclectic designs of summer homes. But if everything come to mind, you can create a chic futuristic interior. Take as the base color of gray and add an accent color bright yellow to liven up the atmosphere a bit. Radically different and therefore unique colors can be combined in an original decor.

Audacity purple when combined with the elegance of brown, and shades of walnut, represents the zeal and aspiration to calm the contemporary atmosphere. Deep tones look good with each other. This is especially evident in the rooms, which are exempted from unnecessary things and details. The modernist design, perfect smooth lines, and crisp rectangular shapes of furniture are perfectly complemented by panels that are painted in a dark color.

Dark gray and orange mango is unique combined and are ideal for light Contemporary interiors. From orange emanates the spirit of rebellion and a smoky hue contrary adds clarity and rigor to lines in style.
Silver and pale green are ideal for the bathroom and kitchen. These are the colors that symbolize freshness and purity. Stainless steel combined with this shade of green shows the fusion of styles of high-tech and retro. The walls are white and do recommend they choose to match fixtures.

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