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FreedesStudio is a 3D visualization service for clients of all industries with free preliminary consultations. The choice of strategy takes place in the process of preparation for volumetric modeling. Highly qualified specialists help customers decide on the main goals and objectives.

The company renders services that consist of:

  • In the preparation of optimized 3D models.
  • Choosing the most profitable ways to achieve their goals.
  • Printing 3D prepared virtual models.

You can order 3D modeling to get a volumetric representation of any structure and element. Services are in demand among developers, builders. The 3D model allows you to show customers a realistic appearance of the object under construction. For landlords, a computerized three-dimensional visualization gives an opportunity to create a vivid presentation of the rented property.

When ordering 3D models, customers do not need to apply to design organizations. A three-dimensional copy allows you to estimate the result and avoid planning errors.

3d modeling services

3d modeling to order is a service to create a three-dimensional computer model. Specialists identify several types of 3d modeling:

  • Polygonal - in this case involves creating models using polygons with 3 or 4 vertices. When combining several polygons, a polygonal mesh is formed. The more elements are involved, the more accurate the model will be. Such modeling is called high-polygonal. Low-polygonal models have an angular, faceted appearance.
  • Spline - so-called splines (three-dimensional flexible molds) are used to create 3D models. In this case, a spline framework is created that envelopes the geometric surface. The software offers a set of basic parametric objects: arc, line, circle, spiral, ring, and so on. Spline 3D modeling is characterized by increased accuracy. When scaling, the quality characteristics of the created shape remain unchanged.
  • 3D sculpting - to create models a polygonal mesh and brush are used, the latter recreates the process of molding.

It is also accepted to distinguish industrial 3D modeling with CAD programs: solid-state, parametric, surface. Managers will help to choose the most optimal technology for building volume models.

Stages of modeling

Developing a 3D virtual copy of an object is a complicated process. It includes several stages:

  1. Development of terms of reference, taking into account the desired characteristics of the project, the submitted drawings. Technical parameters are fixed in the ToR: technologies used, materials, size;
  2. Development of a three-dimensional object with the specified parameters. Programs such as SolidWorks, 3DS MAX, Cinema 4D are used for this;
  3. Creating a realistic image, at this stage textures are added, the processing is done using raster technology. Then the level of illumination, type of light sources, and shadow depth are selected. An observation point is defined. It depends on the type of object, for some of them the best view is from a human height, for others - from a bird's eye view.
  4. Rendering means creating a realistic picture. In the course of software processing, glare, reflections, and so on are superimposed. Creation of a spectacular media presentation in the form of a video.
  5. If necessary, the object can be printed from plastic on a 3D printer.

Fields of application of 3D modeling

3d modeling can be ordered to recreate in a virtual space almost any object or design. Because of this service is in demand in various fields.

Interior design

3D modeling - a popular service among interior designers. It allows the visualization of the created image, arrangement of furniture, equipment, and decor. The creation of a realistic picture will allow seeing "live" the interior of the room being created and, if necessary, correct the planning in time.



Many modern architectural bureaus order the creation of visualization. This allows to reduce risks and to present the object to investors in an attractive way.


Furniture production

Creating a three-dimensional copy is actively used in furniture production. It is used to develop a unique design, as well as to order built-in or modular kits, which should always take into account the layout of the room.



3D modeling allows the creation of new characters, as well as landscapes for animation or film. In this case, it is important to be creative, to create a character that will evoke emotions in the viewer.


Computer games

Designing as realistic characters as possible guarantees the success of the game, allow you to immerse yourself in it. Three-dimensional graphics are especially in demand in the gaming sphere.


Engineers use the creation of three-dimensional copies to get a prototype of the designed product. Printing makes it possible to prepare molds, parts involved in production.


Three-dimensional virtual modeling allows creating an advertising product with a creative approach, to prepare a product presentation for product promotion in the market.

The cost of 3d modeling

Our studio offers low prices for the creation of three-dimensional copies of objects. However, the cost of 3d modeling is determined individually for each order. The price tag depends on several factors. The main one - the complexity of the task. Prices for the design of simple and multi-level objects will differ significantly. Also, the cost depends on the availability and details of the original data, such as digital photos, drawings, specifications with descriptions, and so on. Of great importance is the deadline set by the customer, the number of projects.

Why is it profitable to order 3d modeling from us?

The specialists of our studio have extensive experience in creating a variety of three-dimensional models. In combination with the creative approach, it allows you to recreate a copy of any object. Professional visualizers and animators will help to get unmatched results with the accurate transfer of shape, texture, and other nuances. To order you just need to choose a suitable way of communication, so studio managers can establish contacts to start creative cooperation.

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