What to consider when ordering a house or apartment rendering?

3D modeling technology is an important technology that has gained more popularity recently, precisely because it simplifies understanding of design and visualization for the contractor company executing the work. Let’s take, for example, house design. You want the walls of the living room to be a light olive color, and the bed to be light beige, but none of the colors you saw in the stores offered by manufacturers, or even the design, appeal to you, and you hesitate whether to settle for what’s available or to keep searching. Searching for something unique, a design can take a long time, especially if it’s difficult to explain and better to “show.” And here, it’s best to use the services of a company that does 3D visualizations.

Misunderstandings between the client and the 3D studio

Of course, as much as we would like to make everything perfect and come to an understanding with the contractor, sometimes it can be difficult, especially if the visualization company tries to impose its vision. So, let’s quickly go through the misunderstandings that can arise during work.

  • The company doesn’t meet the deadline.
    Delay in work usually entails additional costs. Of course, we are all humans, but moments like time should be clearly stated, considering certain delays in work. That is, if the company has a lot of orders, and at the same time they mention it. For example, the deadline for your order is five days, but the company mentions that there may be a delay of up to seven days in total, it’s good, because the 3D studio is transparent with you, and you have a clear understanding of when the visualization will be done and can plan accordingly.
  • The draft material is done with mistakes and not all your wishes are taken into account. Of course, the draft material doesn’t have to be perfect, and that’s obvious, but it should relate to your vision. Let’s imagine that the house is supposed to have three floors and rounded corners, but in the draft version, the corners of the house are sharp. You mention this to the studio, and the response, “Yes, we remember, and in the final version, we will correct it.” Yes, of course, they may not forget about it, but if they do, time delays lead to additional costs and misunderstandings. That’s why the draft version should be as close as possible to the final version.
  • The price is too high for the provided service.
    When ordering visualization, make sure to discuss prices for the services provided, including prices for changes. Each project has an individual price. For example, if you choose different “people” for visualization, each of them has its own price. That’s why changes, people, and
    photorealism directly affect the final product price.
  • No guarantees.
    Sometimes, when ordering visualization from unverified companies, without reviews, or on platforms where people offer their services, there is a risk that the artist will disappear after receiving payment. In this case, you won’t get either the money or the 3D visualization. So, turn to verified
    3D rendering studios, and if necessary, ask for reviews on independent platforms, such as Clutch.
  • No result or poor work results.
    Even if the company has a fantastic portfolio, their performance may not always be consistent. In such a situation, the client simply cannot accept the project. This wastes time and money.


All of these potential problems can be avoided by choosing a 3D rendering studio instead
of a freelancer. In this case, you have a guarantee, precise deadlines, high quality, the possibility of improvement, the ability to track the progress of work, transparent costs, fresh ideas for 3D drawings, as well as openness and accessibility.